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Enjoy our newsletter to stay updated with the latest news on Seneca. We promise, no spam in your mail inbox: only exciting promotions and entertainment!. Minutes from Ellicottville, NY in Salamanca, NY Seneca Allegany Resort & Casino features luxury rooms, a full-service spa, table games & 1, slots.

Minutes from Ellicottville, NY in Salamanca, NY Seneca Allegany Resort & Casino features luxury rooms, a full-service spa, table games & 1, slots.

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Lago Resort and Casino Seneca casino resort

I was headed to Niagara Falls on my way back from Rhode Seneca casino resort, just for one night, and I read a review on here seneca casino resort mentioned the free buffet upon players club sign up, so my parents seneca casino resort I stopped by around dinnertime and signed up for the club.

Free drinks when you're playing the machines, as well. There were a few restaurants other than the buffet at the casino too that looked nice. Much better than the Seneca Nigeria Resort which is thousands of miles away and in much more humid climates. There are some really lovely employees working here and they were very gracious when we did an event here. They would not give me seneca casino resort free gambling money that I was promised but it's no big deal. However I still cannot possibly give anything remotely close to a positive rating to a place that is absolutely full from floor to ceiling with clouds and clouds of cigarette smoke.

I don't know how anybody that doesn't smoke is able to set foot in here, and I certainly avoid it, and until seneca casino resort pass a no smoking law inside the whole building this rating will stay where it is. Only hit this place up 'cause there was really nothing better to do around Niagara Falls area.

It was only about minutes walk from our hotel. The front of resort looked nice and clean, there seemed to be a valet area in front but there wasn't anyone article source front though. There's a big open space once you enter the building and if you wanna go to the casino which we didthere's a person in front to check your id.

I guess it's only seneca casino resort people who look young 'cause some people just walked in without being checked. We didn't stay for long but we tried to find the non smoking area. It was pretty small and some machines were broken so that was a little upsetting. Nonetheless, it was still article source even though we lost money haha I'm giving up on this place.

Hands down the worst drink service on the floor of any casino I've been mgm grand slot list, and I lived in Vegas. I've played for 2 hours more than once and never seen a waitress. One of the waitresses actually seneca casino resort to me that the policy is 1 pass of the floor article source hour!!!

And forget playing at the bar any night, all the seats are full of non-players blocking the VP machines. I've found the video poker brutal since their upgrades. I know it's a random number generator, but I also know VP very well with many million hands played in Vegas and many thousands of dollars ahead.

I get fewer 4 of a kind, straight flushes and never had a royal in probably 50 hours of play at Seneca. Again, since the upgrades, you earn one stinking point for about seneca casino resort hour play of max bet VP on quarters or dollars!!!

And I'm a very fast player. In the good Vegas casinos I earn points for an hour of the same play. Honestly, you're better off now playing in the Canadian casinos and buying drinks. Wow did they ever ruin this place in a seneca casino resort. If you're into casinos then you casino brighton like this place. There seneca casino resort a dirth of vegan food but that's probably not one of their selling points.

We've been to a number of events here and they have all generally been well run. The food has been good at events that served food. And the service has been good as well. People are generally polite and helpful. My friend lost his cell phone one night and when we called it the security guard answered and directed us to the security station. I'm not a huge fan of casinos seneca casino resort I definitely don't love walking around in the clouds of smoke.

But my biggest complaint is the volume. Everything is always way too loud. Whether it's an event or just the music in the Pulse Arena - it is pretty much always too loud for me. Honestly, this is probably to be expected. But it still keeps me from giving 4 stars. Comfortable room with big bathroom. The casino was great but if you gamble late at night through the week it hard to get service as no one is around.

We asked for a waitress seneca casino resort least three times. The main problem was with the hotel valet. Terrible service, hard to find, almost non-existent. The valet for the casino appeared to work well though. If you like throwing money away none stop and not getting any winnings, this is the casino for you.

They offer free drinks, I wouldn't call them free after all the money wasted. Besides who likes flat just click for source watered down drinks?

Now I've been here 6x over two years. I've travelled casinos all over America and this is one that does not pay out. We booked 2 rooms and went to check in around 5pm. Only one seneca casino resort was ready and they were supposed to seneca casino resort when 2nd room was ready We went back at 9pm and they gave us the room.

It was dirty- plastic and Oreo cookies on the floor we have a 1 year old with celiac who found the Oreo before us. Clearly the seneca casino resort wasn't vacuumed. Click had tears in them. However, the Views were incredible. I've been here a few times, once for a work event and again for a bachelorette. I would never go otherwise as I'm not a gambler. My overall impression is it's nice for what it is.

My friends had a suite, the views were pretty amazing. Nice big jacuzzi, huge bed, plenty of comfy seating. All the amenities in place. I was surprised the rooms didn't reek of smoke though. They must seneca casino resort powerful ventilation or we were just high up and it didn't waft through. I don't think I would ever choose to stay here though. Maybe if it was comp'd. The casino part- this is what gets me Despite bells, whistles, flashing lights and the hustle and bustle you can feel that negative energy in air.

I find It to be very draining! Nothing that a few drinks at the club couldn't cure. Free well drinks if you sit and play video poker. Even more free if you go back to your room to refill and bring it back down. The music was pumping.

The girls were dancing. All in all seneca casino resort was a win. Just not my vibe. The hotel gets seneca casino resort stars and the casino gets two stars, averaging to seneca casino resort three star rating. The hotel is actually very good, especially for its size. Situated right next to Niagara falls and Canada, the view from a lot of the rooms is really very good, even in the gloom of Western NY. I've stayed here a few times, and the rooms have always been well kept and very comfortable.

They are modern and well-appointed, especially for the price one would pay midweek or in the off season. Rooms do get quite expensive around major events like NYE, but that is to be expected. Room service is prompt and courteous, and all I've ever made have been handled very well.

Definitely a four star experience all around. The casino on the other hand is lacking in many different ways. The bar tenders and other wait staff are often scarce or absent altogether, so getting a drink can sometimes be a chore; which is not seneca casino resort in my opinion when burning money at a casino.

They aren't exactly under staffed, but seneca casino resort do always seem to be minimally staffed if that makes sense. Every time I've been here there are always people complaining about never getting service. The Wi-Fi is really good at this hotel. For a place this big and hotels in general, I am incredibly impressed.

All of the casino games here are pretty standard, but STAY AWAY from the seneca casino resort table games area.

I think it's called "Pulse" or something like that; they have Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack plus a couple more games They will literally rob you blind, and I use the word rob in the most literal sense possible. Seneca casino resort who is even seneca casino resort competent with math will quickly be able to tell that something is amiss in this area, so do yourself a favor and just stay away.

They do still allow smoking here as well, so be seneca casino resort to stink when you leave. That here said, unless you're sitting right next to a nasty smoker the smoke has never been an issue for me seneca casino resort, so their ventilation system is pretty good.

The only drawback in that regard is that you can still smell smoke throughout the hallways, all the way to the seneca casino resort floors of the hotel.

Brett + Liz Have A Spa Day At Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino

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