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It sounds like Lady Luck might be calling your name! Try your luck at Port Aransas ' Aransas Queen Casino. For a well-crafted dish, be sure to visit the restaurant at.

Use this page to compare Port Aransas casinos in Texas. You can click on any underlined item to get more information on the individual casinos in Port Aransas, entertainment, specials, or Port Aransas weather. If you're trying to reach the casino's own port aransas casino, you can follow the link after clicking on the hotel casino's port aransas casino. If you select a state that doesn't offer any Casino Resorts, you will be redirected to a nearby state.

You can see our current list of states with casinoshere. Comparing Casinos in Visit web page Aransas. Find Port Aransas Casinos Specials and Deals. Compare Casino Resorts in Port Slot ekiti. See Port Aransas Casino Deals.

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My husband and I tried out the cruise this past Friday. We were glad we went during the day on Friday since it has less crowds. We took Dramamine before hand port aransas casino so glad we did since we both did not get sick.

The staff on board was very friendly and nice. The food was actually not bad at all the fries are great. Overall we had a great time but I think it's better to gamble on land then sea.

Well I read the other reviews and some are at point and others are not quite there yet, yes get yourself some Dramamine and take about 1 hour before departure. My wife gets sick faster than I do so she port aransas casino some Dramamine and I opted out of it, bad decision.

Now I know I gave it 4 stars but in reality it's not a bad trip like I said I should port aransas casino taken some Dramamine and I do believe I would have been ok instead I ended up getting a bad headache and threw up once, I ended up not having a good experience as I did managed to get down to the slots machines and gamble the last 45 minutes.

There was a few other people that ended getting sick and were sick the whole trip. When you board you can go straight to the buffet and enjoy a complimentary meal which ours that day consisted of pulled pork, chicken breast, roll, and some sides. You then head to the deck area and enjoy some drinks while you wait to take off.

Once you depart if you are lucky you will be able to catch port aransas casino view of dolphins swimming next to the ship on your way out.

Once port aransas casino left the harbor is when we started getting rocked with waves which caused the ship to go up and down which in turn turned everybody into wobbly people.

There is 3 floors as the bottom floor consist of slot machines, the 2nd floor consist of port aransas casino machines along with all your poker port aransas casino and the buffet area and the top is of coarse your deck area. Be advised that the restroom that I saw was at the front of the ship on the bottom floor so if you do happen to use because of its location you will definitely feel the ship as it goes up and down.

Which in turn can make you feel dizzy and sick. What I was real impress port aransas casino is the staff on board, they are some of the friendliest and most port aransas casino people you can run into, they all go out of there way to help you, even when you are feeling sick.

They do pass around small disposable puke bags for those who need them. All in all I will give it another try but next time I will port aransas casino take some Dramamine for the trip All of the staff were really nice and friendly.

The entertainment on the way in and out made the time go by faster, there is singing and music, lots of fun! If you get sea sick you should be sure to take Dramamine before you get on and take it with you in case you need more.

There were people sick throwing up casino fiz mobile, trash cans, bathrooms, in bags, on the floor. It was really hard to not get sick seeing all the throw up everywhere while feeling sick myself. Everyone was having a port aransas casino time walking around with the movement from the port aransas casino. My group didn't win any money but I'm not sure if anyone else did.

It was fun but I don't think this is something I will do again. The ship struck the East Jetty marker a stationary object on the way back to port, which was terrifying. The grinding of steel on steel from the bow to the stern was horrific. They are downplaying this as a visibility issue. Posts on their facebook page by myself and others that were on the cruise have been repeatedly deleted.

I would never recommend this cruise or company to anyone. I would prefer to have my life in my own hands driving to Lake Charles, than in the hands of this company in the middle of the ship channel. What a fun trip! It was my son's 27th birthday and everyone was so kind and helpful.

Loved the staff who helped make his special day extra so. The seas were quite smooth, the weather beautiful. The dealers were very helpful, always with a smile. We'll be back very soon! Now, the boat does rock a bit, so be prepared. If you're prone to seasickness, listen to their instructions, ask one of the staff or choose a date when the weather is calm. Ladies, keep the high heel shoes at home.

We had a blast Even won a little money. The Ship was clean and the staff was helpful. I have gone 3 times now and had a blast each time. Its easy to get on, and only 15 bucks. I probably tipped the dealer or more while playing. Don, and chris are good dealers who can laugh and have a good time Here you port aransas casino to be able to gamble when the casino opens then take dramamine like their website recmonneds Honestly, this casino cruise was a lot of fun.

As long as you aren't expecting a 5 Star, world class yacht, you will have fun! One of my best friends and I went article source the Aransas Queen Casino on Saturday March 26, We had a blast. There's also a complementary lunch buffet- mediocre food, port aransas casino it was not terrible. It was good for an inclusive lunch. It port aransas casino of baked chicken, rolls, salad, rice and beans.

We ate it and enjoyed it. The live music on board was pretty good. The guys were port aransas casino to listen to. Now the reason we are all here: The gambling portion was fun.

We started off the 3. Port aransas casino didn't lose our shirts! The dealers and the more info players were all really nice too.

I didn't have time to play any slots, but there were a few jackpot winners on board, and I heard you do not have to port aransas casino taxes on big winnings since you are on international turf. I recommend the Aransas Queen Casino Härchen free genting casino games Team if you like to play casino games and if you are up for a good 'Ol down-to-Earth kind of time.

I went in Jacks or Better casino out of Galveston. The ship looked older than expected port aransas casino I walked in. The slot machines were nice and they definitely had some fun ones. If you get sea sickness or feel port aransas casino there's a chance you orleans harrahs casino be sea sick, I would recommend avoiding this at all costs! I got very sea sick, along with probably about 20 others onboard based on what I saw.

They have barf bags and employees that bring ginger ale to calm stomachs, so it's clearly not a rare occurrence. Also, if you are older and have balance deficits, or have any leg injuries, please avoid this Speaking as a physical therapist! You could not walk in a port aransas casino line because she ship was soooo rocky. It takes about an hour and port aransas casino half for gambling to be open, plus an hour and a half on the way home.

So the gambling lasts for only about 3 hours. During the time that no gambling is allowed, there's really not anything to do besides sit around and listen to karaoke, primarily from one staff member on our experience. Overall, I had a pretty terrible time but mostly because I got extremely sea sick and threw up the whole time.

I think I'd be much happier driving to Lake Charles a little further away to enjoy gambling! I hope you are reading this review before you go, it will help your trip be successful. Take it an hour before, just do it We labeled the outside part of the third floor of the ship 'the sick bay' because that is where all the people who got seasick spent the entire six hours.

Yes, there will be people puking, passed out and slumped over on tables. Just eat before you go. Dinner packs up before the gambling starts. BUT there will be leftover rolls that are available for the entire cruise. Nice to have some bread and butter to snack on but bring snacks with you if you want variety.

Before the casino opens, you can claim your spot port aransas casino the tables by placing your boarding pass tabletop. They have roulette, craps, three-card poker, blackjack.

Slots are old but still paid out. Yep, some people still smoke. The boat does a pretty good job of covering the stank but it's nice to go to the third floor and get some fresh air. Bring a book or extra charger for your phone. Once you are done gambling there isn't much to do It would be nice if they played movies on the multiple TVs they have throughout the boat.

So yeah, bring something to do. No phone service, so download before you go! If port aransas casino do want to take a snooze on the boat, bring a pillow and blanket.

Texas Treasure Casino Cruise (2008)

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