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My fortune casino My fortune casino

My fortune casino

Small locals casino in Henderson. First visit and hit the jackpot They have 4 Ui Keno machines which you only find at Dotty's. Cocktail waitresses keep it coming as they definitely work hard for their tips.

If you're looking to hang out, have a few click at this page and try your luck this is a nice small joint to place your bets! This is a great local casino. It's been our go-to for quick meals and a little friendly play from time to time for the past my fortune casino yrs.

Always good food, good prices and excellent service. They even let us win a little now and then We always enjoy the monthly perks they send out if you have one of their cards. We definitely consider the Fortune to be our personal local casino.

Big Thanks to Sue and all the terrific servers in the Cafe and the prompt and friendly servers on the floor too! They all keep us coming back I just bought a my fortune casino of slices of pizza from the deli that look more like the bottom of a couple of old shoes!!

I only asked for two slices but the kid gave my fortune casino four, like I'd even eat ONE of them!! Thanks but NO THANKS!! Apparently I have to give this place at least one star to even post this review, otherwise I http://caroljadesarah.info/free-spins-ladbrokes.php give them my fortune casino. They should be ashamed of themselves!!

I have been to this little locals Casino a few separate times and usually always enjoy myself. Small locals casino, with my fortune casino of Near downtown Henderson, this title casino has all the latest slots with a ton of the oldies.

Two separate bars my fortune casino video poker and huge televisions. Service is very above average and for a small casino, it's pretty clean. Except for the bathroom.

Ho slot car tracks for sale a little less impressed with urinals not working and being kind of messy. Players club offers great comps and plenty of rewards points. Emily's restaurant inside is great no matter what you decide on. Cocktail waitresses are very friendly and prompt. And Finally, I usually win here, so I recommend stopping by and my fortune casino out Club Fortuneb More like Guaranteed loss every time for me, finally left my card there to never return.

I've lived here for over a year and wish I never stepped foot in that place. You would think that some dingy, dirty, ghetto local shit-hole like this would at least give you the incentive to come back by awarding you with a win, despite the hundreds and hundreds I've spent there!!!

I find myself going there after we go to the real casinos and then on our way home, try our luck at this filthy smelly ghetto local trash fuck-hole only to lose AGAIN over and over. Take your money and loyalty elsewhere, this place is gross and machines are rigged as F to ensure you lose I guess they have to pay their employees somehow! Hope it burns down! I've had a great time at this casino. If my fortune casino like playing poker but don't my fortune casino the stressful atmosphere of the larger casinos, the poker room is the place to be!

Small blinds, but the pots my fortune casino don't suffer. There is definitely a crowd of regular locals, but they're all friendly, and will accommodate new people wanting to join in. The dealers are fun and reasonable. It's easy to spend all night here playing and joking!

Especially because drinks are comped if you're playing in the poker room! Be sure to tip of course I plan to spend most of my free weekend nights in the poker room at Club Fortune. My father comes to this place times a week depending when I can my fortune casino him out, he's older and doesn't drive.

Recently he got sick and wanted a carry out from this place so I came here to get him his favorite food my fortune casino was told I couldn't do a carry out! I explained the situation and that it was for my father who frequents the place all the time and see more sick and told that the manager still wouldn't allow it.

I was treated like shit and forced to sit down and order and then get a doggie bag just to bring my fortune casino home food. Club fortune you lost my father as a gambler from this day my fortune casino I http://caroljadesarah.info/casino-ouvert-le-25-decembre.php still bring him to a casino at least 3 time a week but it my fortune casino be wildfire, elderado, rainbow, fiesta or emerald island where they don't treat people like shit!

Decided to try the new Club Cafe after it reopened following renovations which basically appears to be just new paint, flooring and some additions of some wall decor that looks straight from Big Lots. The menu is varied with a few new items. Mainly sandwiches, burgers, and a few entrees. The waiter my fortune casino of cigarettes which made me lose my appetite and question if he even washed his hands.

Food was barely warm which was even more unacceptable given it was slow pm. Doubt I'll ever be back. I ate dinner there and had s steak and baked potato.

When they brought the meal I asked for sour cream for the baked potato. She brought it in a little dish. When My fortune casino asked for more she said she was going to charge me for the first time she brought me sour cream. My fortune casino told her to bring me more. It was coming out of my fortune casino tip anyway that is the last time I eat there.

A true "locals" casino. With the typical accompaniments that one may expect. And I was going to be in the area. It's not a casino I usually seek out. The gift shop is pretty decent, they have quite a bit of logo apparel. The Player's Club moved from the gift shop. Drinks are cheap and the bars are not shabby. Actually been noticing lately that sports bar gives my fortune casino premium shots with beer all night with no charge.

Guess I'll quit gambling and drink for free except tipping. Can't lose my fortune casino though you still do.

How do they make money? Never see anyone pay for drinks. This is by far one of the worst possible choices in town to spend any money. You might as well drop a few hundred dollars at the door and ask go here to kick you below the belt.

This place is so shady it will make your head spin! You WILL NOT win on any machine, that is a fact. You will get 0 on almost any bonus on any machine you use. If you play keno, it is rigged completely. It will stay away from your numbers entirely and not even allow you to play for a few minutes.

I have spent so much money here because it is close, never again! Close just isn't worth it. The dining area is terrible! The service is the worst in town! The one bar that had good bartenders and actually let you play more than 5 minutes without my fortune casino all your money and sometimes let you break even, has been shut down over a month, supposedly for improvements, which I think my fortune casino a joke cause they won't let you win on anything, but will spend my fortune casino to remodel what didn't need my fortune casino, and to pay for it, don't allow patrons to win or leave happy or have a good time.

Anywhere else in town is better than here! DO NOT GO HERE EVER!!! You will be my fortune casino off now than you can imagine if you do!! And don't even get me started in the terrible music!! Rascist waitress Me and my family went here to have dinner a few nights ago and we were treated so poorly. It took forever to be waited on then after finally having a waitress come to wait on us she put napkins on the table and said she would be back in a min, so we had to continue to wait just to order our drinks.

We watched our first waitress walk back and forth waiting on a caucasian couple a few tables away and she would not look our direction at all. Finally after a few more mins a different waitress came to wait on us and we were rushed to order our food. Got nothing but nasty looks the entire time.

Will not be returning welche slot machine online aams and hopefully they can hire some employees that know how my fortune casino treat people. UPDATE ON SPORTS BETS: Do not sports bet here. I stood in a very long line just to be told she didn't have time to sign me up so I could place my bets for my fortune casino week, and the kiosk was down.

My fortune casino

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