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Mobilbet affiliates

The following is an agreement between the relevant bet company referred to below, "bet", "us" or "we"and you "you"which contains the terms and conditions that apply to all members of the bet affiliate programme "Agreement".

Until 1st Mobilbet affiliateswherever you are based, when you introduce Customers as defined below to us, you mobilbet affiliates your contract with and provide your services to, Hillside Sports GP Limited. This will continue for most of you. However, if you are based in Bulgaria, Denmark, Italy or Spain, please note that, with effect from 1st August when you provide affiliate services and introduce Customers to us, you are contracting with and providing your affiliate services to Hillside Marketing Malta Limited.

Any rights and obligations arising from your relationship with bet prior to that date have been and will be assumed by Hillside Marketing Malta Limited http://caroljadesarah.info/grosvenor-casino-cardiff-poker.php effect from 1st August It is understood that Hillside Marketing Malta Limited will be procuring and managing your services in its capacity as a manager of marketing services for bet We will register your Customers and track their transactions.

We reserve the right to refuse Customers or to close their accounts if necessary to comply with any requirements we may periodically establish. By opening an account with us, they will become our Customers and, accordingly, all of our rules, policies, and operating procedures will apply to them. Mobilbet affiliates be aware that subsequent to the US Congress passing the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of on 30 Septemberthe Company no longer accepts customers who are resident in the USA.

We will track your Customers' bets and plays making available to you a report summarising their activities, which see more can access from this site. We may modify any of the terms and mobilbet affiliates contained in this Agreement or replace it at any time and mobilbet affiliates our sole discretion by posting a change notice or a new agreement on our site.

Modifications may include, for mobilbet affiliates, changes in the scope of available Referral Commissions and Affiliate programme rules. If any modification is unacceptable to you, your only recourse is to terminate this Agreement.

Your continued participation in our affiliate programme following our posting of a change notice or new agreement on mobilbet affiliates site will constitute binding acceptance of the modification or of the new agreement. You acknowledge and agree that regulations 9 1 and 9 2 information to be provided by electronic means11 1 placing of the order of the Electronic Commerce EC Directive Regulations shall not apply to or have any effect on this Agreement.

To become a learn more here of our affiliate programme you will need to accept these terms and conditions by ticking the box indicating your acceptance and completing and submitting an online application form. The application form will form an integral part of this Agreement. We will in our sole discretion determine whether or not to accept your application and our decision is final and not subject to any right of appeal.

We will notify you by email as to whether or not your application has been successful. You may link to us with any of mobilbet affiliates banners, e-mails, articles or with a text link.

This is the only method by which you may advertise on our behalf. All bet affiliates are required to refer a minimum of 5 active Customers within a three month period of joining the program.

Link an affiliate not reach this requirement the affiliate account may be closed, but you will have the option to open a new affiliate account. We will terminate this Agreement immediately without recourse for you if there is any form mobilbet affiliates spamming or if you advertise our services in any other way. You shall not make any claims or representations, or give any mobilbet affiliates, in connection with us and you shall have no authority to, and shall not, bind us to any obligations.

You shall also refrain from registering or applying to register any domain name similar to any domain name used continue reading or registered in the name of any member of the bet group, or any mobilbet affiliates name that could be understood to designate the bet group.

By this Agreement, we grant you the non-exclusive, non-assignable, right to direct Customers to any of our sites in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

This Agreement does not grant you an exclusive right or privilege to assist us in the provision mobilbet affiliates services arising from your referrals, and we obviously intend to contract mobilbet affiliates and obtain the assistance of others at any time to perform services of the same or similar nature as mobilbet affiliates. You shall have no claim to Referral Commission or other compensation on business secured by or through persons or entities other than you.

You will only use our approved advertising mobilbet affiliates banners, html mailers, editorial columns, images and logos and will not alter their appearance nor refer to us in any promotional materials other than those that are mobilbet affiliates from www. The appearance and syntax of the hypertext transfer links are designed and designated by us mobilbet affiliates constitute the only authorised and permitted representation of our sites.

In particular please do not create a mobilbet affiliates link to the promotional materials on any bet Website. You will not knowingly benefit from known or suspected traffic not generated in good faith whether or not it actually causes us damage. We reserve the right to retain all amounts otherwise due to you under this Agreement if we have reasonable cause to believe of such traffic.

Bigmcasino com myrtle beach situations to include mobilbet affiliates not be limited to different customers betting both sides of an event or market so as to limit risk and gold coast casino shuttle bonuses.

You will be solely responsible for the development, operation, mobilbet affiliates maintenance of your site and for all materials that appear on your site. For example, you will be check this out responsible for ensuring that materials posted on your site are not libellous or otherwise illegal. We disclaim all liability for these matters. Further, you will indemnify and hold us harmless from all claims, damages, and expenses including, without limitation, legal fees arising directly or indirectly out of the development, operation, maintenance, and contents of your site.

The bet affiliate programme is intended for your direct participation. You shall not open affiliate accounts on behalf of other participants. Opening an affiliate account for a third party, brokering an affiliate account or the transfer of an affiliate account is not accepted.

Affiliates wishing to transfer an account to another beneficial mobilbet affiliates owner must request permission to do so by Contacting Us. Approval is solely at our discretion. We hereby grant to you a non-exclusive, non-transferable licence, during the term of this Agreement, to use our trade name, trade marks, service marks, logos and any other designations, which we may from time to time approve "Marks" solely in connection with the display of the promotional materials on your site.

This licence cannot be sub-licensed, assigned or otherwise transferred by you. Your right to use the Marks is limited to and arises only out of this licence. You shall not assert the invalidity, unenforceability, or contest the ownership of the Marks in any action or proceeding of whatever kind or nature, and shall not take mobilbet affiliates action that may prejudice our rights in the Marks, render horaire casino colmar same generic, or otherwise weaken their validity or diminish their associated goodwill.

You must notify us immediately if you become aware of the misuse of the Marks by any third party. You agree to avoid disclosure or unauthorised use of any such confidential mobilbet affiliates to third persons or outside parties unless you have our prior written consent and that you will use the confidential information only for purposes necessary mobilbet affiliates further the purposes of this Agreement.

Your obligations with respect to confidential information shall mobilbet affiliates the termination of this Agreement. You shall at all times comply with the Data Protection Act and the Privacy and Electronic Communications EC Directive Regulationsand any other related or similar legislation.

Net profit is defined as:. Real Player Value is based in part on rake and fee in accordance with our FAQ section for poker, and in part on the net deposits of customers onto poker tables.

This ensures affiliates are rewarded for bringing recreational poker players who contribute positively to the poker liquidity and ecology. We retain the right to change the Referral Commission percentage and method of calculation click Referral Commission as we wish in accordance with clause 1. Affiliates are eligible for payment on the balance of their sports, casino, mobilbet affiliates, games, mobilbet affiliates or bingo earnings.

Negative commission balances in either sports, casino, poker, mobilbet affiliates, vegas or bingo will be deducted from available commissions. Your betaffiliate account must have a minimum of 5 active referred Customers before you will be eligible for Referral Mobilbet affiliates payment.

Subject to clause 6, you are entitled to one payout per month, providing you have fulfilled the above Customer requirement at the end of the preceding month. You agree that a self-billing procedure is in place between you and bet in respect of payment of Referral Commissions. Under the self-billing procedure, if you wish to request payment of any Referral Commission you must make the payment request via your account on the bet affiliate system following which we will raise a VAT invoice showing all required particulars for the applicable Referral Commission on your behalf, which you agree to accept.

Payment of any invoice will be made in accordance with and subject to the terms set out below. You agree not to raise any VAT invoice in respect of your affiliate services. You agree to notify us if you make any changes to the ownership of your business or your VAT registration. This self-billing procedure will remain in place for the term of this Agreement. If you contract with Hillside Marketing Malta Limited in accordance with mobilbet affiliates terms of this Agreement the following shall apply to you: Likewise, if you contract mobilbet affiliates Hillside Sports GP Limited, it is mobilbet affiliates that your services are outside the scope of VAT and no VAT is chargeable.

The minimum payout request for earned Mobilbet affiliates Commission per month depends upon the currency denomination of your affiliate account as mobilbet affiliates below. There is no maximum limit. Please be aware that although bet will not mobilbet affiliates any charges for arranging a bank mobilbet affiliates, your own bank may mobilbet affiliates to levy a charge on such transactions.

Please note that if you are an affiliate resident in the US then option i above will not be available to you. All Referral Commission Payments will be due and paid in the currency which was selected when your Affiliate Account was first set up, except for payment requests via cheque, which are only available in either GBP or US dollars.

Where mobilbet affiliates conversion is required, all amounts are converted at the mid-point applying at the time of payment, as published in the Financial Times.

The term of this Agreement will begin when you are mobilbet affiliates as an affiliate and will be continuous unless and until either party notifies the other in writing that it wishes to terminate the Agreement, in which case this Agreement will be terminated immediately. Termination is at will, with mobilbet affiliates without reason, by either mobilbet affiliates. For purposes of notification of termination, delivery via e-mail is considered a written and immediate form of notification.

All rights and licenses given mobilbet affiliates you in mobilbet affiliates Agreement shall immediately terminate.

You will return to us any confidential information, and all copies of it in your possession, custody and control and will cease all uses of our Marks. We may terminate this Agreement if we determine in our sole discretion that your site is unsuitable.

Unsuitable sites include, but are not limited to, those that: You shall not open more than one affiliate account without our mobilbet affiliates written consent nor will you earn commission on your own or related person's bet sports, casino, poker, games, vegas or bingo account. The programme is intended for professional website publishers. You shall incorporate and prominently and continually display the most up-to-date links provided by us on all pages of your website in a manner and location agreed by us and you shall not alter the mobilbet affiliates, location or operation of the links without our prior written consent.

You are eligible for Referral Commissions based upon your continued promotion of Sports at bet, Casino at bet, Poker at bet, Games at bet, Vegas at bet or Bingo at bet We reserve the right to reduce Referral Commission percentages if you reduce your efforts to recruit new Customers.

Your reduced or suspended promotion of our sites will mobilbet affiliates deemed to represent your termination of this Agreement. We and you are independent contractors and nothing in this Agreement will create any partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative, or employment relationship between us. You will have no authority to make or accept any offers or representations on our behalf.

You will not make any statement, whether on your site or otherwise, that would contradict anything in this Agreement. Mobilbet affiliates shall defend, indemnify, and hold us, our directors, employees and representatives harmless from and against any and all liabilities, losses, damages and costs, including legal fees, resulting from, arising out of, or in any way connected with a any breach by you of any warranty, representation or term contained in this Agreement, b the mobilbet affiliates of your duties and obligations under this Agreement, c your negligence or d any injury caused directly or indirectly by your negligent or intentional acts or omissions, or the unauthorised mobilbet affiliates of our banners and links or this Affiliate programme.

We mobilbet affiliates no express or implied warranties or representations with mobilbet affiliates to the Affiliate programme, about ourselves or the Referral Commission payment arrangements including, without limitation, functionality, warranties of fitness, merchantability, legality or non-infringementand do not express nor imply any warranties arising out of a course mobilbet affiliates performance, dealing, mobilbet affiliates trade usage.

In addition, we make no mobilbet affiliates that the mobilbet affiliates of our sites will be uninterrupted or error-free mobilbet affiliates will not be liable for the consequences if there are any. In the event of a discrepancy between the reports offered in the www. We will not be liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages or any loss of revenue, profits, or data arising in connection with this Agreement or the affiliate programme, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Further, our aggregate liability arising with respect to this Agreement and the affiliate programme will not exceed the total Referral Commissions paid or payable to you under this Agreement. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to provide any rights, remedies or benefits to any person or entity not a party to this Agreement.

Our obligations under this Agreement do not constitute personal obligations of our directors, employees or shareholders.

Mobilbet affiliates

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