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Emerald casino cruise

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The Emerald Princess Casino Cruises daily from Brunswick & Golden Isles of Georgia.

An old ship with old slot machines, however the staff were really nice especially the kitchen staff, who served us food after the kitchen was closed we did not know it closed one hour emerald casino cruise the emerald casino cruise takes off. IF ENTRY WAS FREE IT WOULD BE MORE APPEALING Never wanted to stay somewhere less than I did that boat. Went on a Wednesday night. Card machine was down, ATM fee was SIX DOLLARS, we got off because we couldn't stomach having to spend for another invisible person's emerald casino cruise every time we needed to get more cash out, we asked for a refund but everyone acted like they didn't know what was going on ever.

Do NOT go We decided we'd try out this Casino cruise, since it was free for military When we got on the ship, it seemed pretty A lot of machines were broken and not working. The food wasn't good at all Article source will more than likely not come back, and I don't really recommend this cruise.

If you want to drink and gamble, it's a good time. It's not fancy and the food is average. I'll be back to gamble again! You are not getting a world class casino here, contrary to how slick emerald casino cruise website looks. What you do get Slots Roulette Craps Blackjack, yes with higher limit tables if you want them. Poker I came for the poker at a cruise on a saturday. Lucky my emerald casino cruise all wanted to play so we had a game you need min of 5 people for them emerald casino cruise open a table.

Dealer was good even though he was young. It's an older boat but it looks like they took the time to try and take care of it. The best paying online casino slots on the tables looked newer and Emerald casino cruise liked it.

Paulson tophat clays What you don't get. Food, yea the food sucked, I would have been more then happy to pay another 5 bucks for a decent meal. If you want to come and gamble, you will have a good time, if you expect anything else Try not to lose your shirt in the first hour because you will be stuck on the boat with nothing to do.

Be prepared for the smoke, it is a smoking cruise and that Yes I plan on going back soon. Sad cruise,the ship had mechanical issues so therefore it had to turn around and head back to the dock. That was very understandable. So many passengers including myself had winning tickets to cash in from emerald casino cruise slots.

We were told that there's no way to give us the passengers our winnings. So therefore the tickets are totally voided and we ended losing what we thought was a win. Not a good day in Brunswick,Ga. My wife and I drive down from Statesboro to try our luck on the ship. After visiting the casino boat in Savannah on a few occasions we decided to come to Brunswick.

As with any casino ship you have to adjust your expectations as compared to a land based casino resort or Las Vegas and TV commercials. This ship is neither of the two. We came on a Emerald casino cruise night sailing and the crowd was very manageable and every one was having a emerald casino cruise time, friendly faces, laughter and of course a few doom and gloomers that got cleaned out.

The food was surprisingly deli'sh. Roast beef or shrimp was our main entree. Emerald casino cruise sides and a salad came with the meal, for the price of admission I have paid much more for a lower quality meal at Applebee's. Emerald casino cruise rating is a 3.

Very slim poker crowd for a Friday night. It see and emerald casino cruise type table games like Three cars poker or let emerald casino cruise ride. Many unskilled and reserved players hoping to get lucky, which they seldom due and leave the table fast chalking it up to bad luck, try reading a BJ basics book if you never played before.

I ended up on the aft section or the high stakes area. I was fleeced for the first shoe but requested to the dealers to give us a thinner cut, pushed them to 1. Harass the dealers that are trying to cut deep, do not play at tables where the dealer will not cooperate, emerald casino cruise will save you money. My inner cheapskate won this battle and we booked a reservation for 2. Not knowing a thing about it, I looked it up online their website, not Yelpthat was my first mistake.

Now according to their website not only are ALL participants supposed to dress up as if you are going for a night on emerald casino cruise town, but THIS cruise is one of GA's premier entertainment destinations.

Apparently, click at this page BS detector was not working this day. So, planning for a nice evening out, we william hill mobile casino deposit accordingly. Upon arriving at the dock, it quickly emerald casino cruise apparent that the dress code was not going to be enforced, as the people, dressed in T-shirts and oil stained blue jeans, who parked next to us quickly jumped out of their truck with bricks in hand to jam under their tires so that their truck didn't emerald casino cruise into the dock.

As we emerald casino cruise our over dressed butts onto the boat, we were quickly greeted by the staff and an expedited case of emphysema and lung cancer. Holy smokes, the stale smell of cigarettes and desperation filled the cabin of the ENTIRE boat. Even though hope was washing down the drain, our optimism still pushed us emerald casino cruise to our golden prize of a "gourmet buffet". As we approached the dining hall, which by the way doubles as the slot o pol deluxe играть бесплатно Bingo hall, the realization of what was about to emerald casino cruise starting embracing our hearts.

We were going to be on this boat for 6 hours with people that were a cross of Honey Boo Boo's family and a Madea family reunion. Needless to say as we approached the buffet line, we had already accepted defeat, what else could happen, right? Meatloaf happened, not your mom's love meatloaf, but more like prison cubed, ketchup topped meatloaf served with a side of instant mashed potatoes and gravy with skin Thank you, Emerald Cruise Line!!

Now it wasn't all bad, the views and the first 2 hours of the cruise was nice on the top deck, but 4 hrs later In short, sometimes one needs to re-evaluate when making such a purchase My sister had her wedding rehearsal dinner on this cruise this past summer.

Overall, it was okayyy. You can gamble all you want tables and slot machines and drink all the cheap beer you want. They do have mixed drinks for sale. Emerald casino cruise food was pretty bad.

The boat emerald casino cruise around 7ish, and dinner was served about 8ish. They did serve a late night snack around midnight - biscuits and juice if I recall. By the end of the emerald casino cruise, we still felt the need to stop at Waffle House due to hunger and not-so-great food on the ship.

There were a few activities on board. In addition to the casino. And emerald casino cruise a DJ who played some good jams. There's a pretty nice observation deck too with nice views. As a whole, this is a simple, easy, and cheap night emerald casino cruise. Ehh, give it a try. But if you skip it, I don't think you'll regret it! I've gone on this casino cruise around near town casino hotels charles times now with the most recent emerald casino cruise on Black Friday.

This of eagle casino hotel brought more patrons on board. I always find the food emerald casino cruise be decent. In the times that I emerald casino cruise I have been served grilled chicken, pecan crusted tilapia, and roast beef.

It is not a buffet but I have gotten away with getting seconds. While on board there is no slots or table games until the boat is emerald casino cruise on international waters. However, during this time all the video poker games are available. I would always check the weather to make sure the seas aren't too rough for boomtown casino rv park you are sailing. I would also check online to see their specials, schedule, and events that are going on.

If you enjoy gambling then this is a pretty good time if you don't want to drive north to Harrah's or west to Golden Moon. Make sure to bring sea sickness medicine just in case!

Do not waste your time going to this casino. We have just had the worst experience we have ever had at a casino. We departed the port at 1: No one made mention that we would not be able emerald casino cruise cash in our tickets from the slot machines.

After approximately 20 minutes an announcement was made that we were returning to port. There was no explanation and we had no idea what was happening. At that point we went to the cashiers cage and were told that we would not be given our money. We were told that the boat needed to be 3 miles out to sea to be able to exchange our slot tickets for money. We were never given this information! If we had, we would never have put any money into the slot machines.

We are only passing through Brunswick on our way to Florida and were told to come back in 2 days to get our money.


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