Alternative Beauty

Embodying Beauty

How is it we’ve come to trust that there would some say some are individuals who are wonderful and other people who are definitely not? Does it truly bode well that measuring tapes, lavatory scales, garments sizes, and calorie-tallies hold the ability to figure out if or not we’re deserving of adoration? What drives us to spend endless hours and dollars to recolor, reshape and resize our bodies, again and again? Why has the excellence of who we are turned out to be so hard to see?

The mother earth has something to say in regards to excellence that is free of judgment and unburdened by fears.

Bears don’t stress over the state of their bodies. Dragonflies aren’t bothered by the span of their wings. Oak trees don’t endeavor to look more like the pines. Vultures aren’t taking cover behind misrepresentations, claiming to accomplish an option that is other than what it is that they do. The mother earth uncovers magnificence that is loaded with honesty, that distinctions the rich assorted qualities

in the web of life.

Excellence sings out from the dusks and echoes in the wind and pours down from the moon and moves in the ocean and whispers on wings and cries with coyotes and weaves networks with the bugs and waits in the fragrance of the sage. Excellence gets out from the mountains and thunders with thunder and sits unobtrusively with the reptiles and takes off with the birds of prey and emanates from the stones and hums with the honey bees and flickers in the sparkling first light.

Magnificence wakes up in the free, unhampered articulation of being exactly who you are. In the mother earth’s excellence, there are no victors and washouts, no blue strips or first-runner-ups. There are no better thans or less thans. No a lot of this and insufficient of that. Excellence is essentially the regarding of what is, a festival of life in all it’s

heavenly, secretive, wonderful structures.

Mother Earth’s rich expression is a

convincing welcome to open up to our own regular magnificence. Excellence is found in the sentiment who we are, in the substance of our uniqueness. It’s not all tangled up in correlations and rivalry. There are no molds to crush into. There’s no agony and penance. Magnificence simply isn’t that convoluted.

Excellence essentially is. Magnificence is vitality, an expressive vibration, an erotic mindfulness that resounds with the quintessence of life. Continue Reading