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Numerous passengers have informed us that the Carnival Dream has incurred power problems which have necessitated the Carnival cruise ship to skip the port of Cozumel.

The ship is now heading back to the home port of New Orleans at a reduced speed although I am also receiving comments from passengers that the Dream has either lost all propulsion or stopped several times to conduct tests.

The popular Cruise Hive website was the first blog to write about this issue. Last year, there were 19 cruise ships which experienced partial or complete loss of propulsion due to click problems, including problems with the Carnival Elation, Carnival Legend, Carnival Liberty and Carnival Vista as well as the Carnival owned Adonia, Caribbean Princess, Emerald Princess, and  Costa neoRiviera. This year has seen a number of Carnival cruise ships experience engine problems, such as the Carnival FantasyCarnival Paradiseand  Carnival Splendor.

Please leave a comment below or join the discussion on our Facebook page. All other systems are functioning normally. As a result, Carnival Dream was unable to call in Cozumel today and carnival casino cruise be returning to New Carnival casino cruise for arrival carnival casino cruise Sunday as per its normal schedule.

The ship did make carnival casino cruise scheduled calls in Montego Bay, Jamaica and Grand Cayman earlier in the voyage. We sincerely apologize for this disruption to our guests' vacation plans and for any disappointment this has caused. U pdate August This weekend, a reader of this blog sent me an article from the San Pedro Sun regarding NCL's exploitation of rare macaws in its development in Belize at Harvest Caye.

The article addressed the plight of a scarlet macaw, which is one of the most poached birds in Belize, which was rescued by the Belize Bird Rescue BBRa non-profit organization in Belize. The male bird, which was named "Big Red," was rescued and underwent rehabilitation for wild release; however, several weeks ago the bird click at this page was given to Harvest Caye to entertain cruise tourists, much to the outrage of local Belizeans.

Critics of NCL's boondoggle carnival casino cruise Belize point out that NCL did not even mention a captive animal facility in the cruise line environmental impact assessment or obtain permission to possess rare birds in its environmental clearance process. NCL apparently created its own so-called "conservation Carnival casino cruise but it is not carnival casino cruise with carnival casino cruise of the existing NGO's in Belize.

The article about NCL's conduct, although outrageous, is just one of many examples of the abuse of birds and animals at cruise line private resorts and excursions throughout the world. There are many dozens of swim-with-the-dolphins excursions sold by carnival casino cruise lines in Mexico and throughout the Caribbean.

The Dolphin Carnival casino cruise writes about dolphins "confined in tiny, chlorinated tanks, where they are subject to relentless sun exposure often resulting in sunburnnoise pollution, continuous human interaction and water toxins.

An animal protection group explains that in their natural ocean habitats, green sea turtles can dive to depths over feet and can swim several thousands of miles a year. But held in captivity in what was originally called the Cayman Turtle Farm, subsequently re-branded as the friendlier-sounding Cayman Turtle Centre, the turtles are kept in small, crowded holding pens and are removed only for entertainment purposes to be mishandled by tourists and used for props in selfie-photos.

You can also eat the turtles which are bred at the tourist facility. Please click for source thanpeople visit the tourist-turtle farm each year; approximately three quarters are cruise passengers. Horse tours are a popular tourist attraction for cruise visitors.

Cruise lines sell dozens of excursions to tour the various port towns via horse drawn carriages. In many destinations, the horses are poorly fed and abused. They suffer from heat carnival casino cruise, dehydration, malnutrition, traffic fumes, noise pollution, stress, and injuries. The situation in Nassau is particularly bad; a malnourished horse dropped dead on Bay Street in downtown Nassau only to be tied by the legs and dragged down the street by a pickup truck.

Exploiting horses is a dreadful way to spend a vacation cruise. The cruise industry supports hundreds of local ports and has great influence over activities by the local communities.

For example, if the cruise line would stop doing business with the tour operators carnival casino cruise abuse horses and do business only with reputable bus and van operators, the abuse would stop carnival casino cruise overnight. Similarly, if the cruise industry would stop calling at port countries like the Faroe Islands which slaughter pilot carnival casino cruise, there would be considerable pressure to end the carnival casino cruise sport of killing sentient mammals, as we have urged for years.

There are literally literally thousands of carnival casino cruise excursions offered by each of the major cruise lines which take the majority of the revenue from the excursion. There's little consideration given by the cruise lines to anything except how much money the cruise lines can collect.

I tend to view the problem as starting at the top, with the greedy cruise executives looking to collect every nickle and dime possible; but thoughtless cruise passengers are part of the problem too. One person commenting on NCL's exploitation of macaws in Belize posted this comment:. However the passengers are equally to blame. Please leave one below or join the discussion on our Facebook page.

This petition to end the exploitation of Belize's wildlife on NCL's Harvest Caye has reached 20, signatures. Dolphin - Delfines En Libertad, Report on captive dolphins in Mexico. Turtles -   World Animal Protection. Horses -  Stop Brutal Abuse and Suffering of Surrey Horses in the Bahamas. Pilot Whales -  Green Travel Life. The United States Coast Guard based in San Diego medevaced a 61 year old passenger from a Carnival cruise ship yesterday night after carnival casino cruise passenger experienced trouble breathing on the ship.

The Carnival Carnival casino cruise was over fifty miles southwest of San Diego when the passenger began experiencing symptoms of respiratory distress.

The Coast Guard launched a Jayhawk helicopter which flew to the cruise ship so that its crew could medically evacuate the woman. Reader's Digest has again selected Carnival Cruise Line as the "most trusted cruise line" in the world. As the popular cruise blog Cruise Fever writes: This click at this page the third consecutive year that Carnival Cruise Near cocoa beach florida has been voted as the most trusted cruise line.

The Reader's Digest poll also named McDonald's as the most trusted fast food and Walmart the most trusted mass merchandiser. A couple of years ago, I wrote a number of articles asking the rhetorical question why cruise lines have an image problem.

I discussed a number of rather outrageous cases where the cruise lines refuse to refund or credit cruise fares when their customers face a personal catastrophe, like the unexpected death of a loved oneor a customer needing emergency cancer surgeryor a carnival casino cruise having to bury his police-officer son who had been shot and killedor having their carnival casino cruise destroyed by a natural disasteror even when carnival casino cruise cruise is to an area affected by a  nuclear power plant leaking radiation and subject to a travel warning by the State Department.

Today, a reader of this blog sent me another example of a cruise line clearly doing the wrong thing. It seems like a young man, carnival casino cruise as Stephen Madden, was booked to take a Carnival carnival casino cruise with his wife when he received orders from the U. Army deploying casinos in lima peru back to active military duty.

He had the foresight to pay extra for the protection plan titled "Carnival Fee Waiver Program". But the insurance company AON sent him a letter denying his claim for a refund, saying that military deployment is not a reason stated in the insurance program.

You can read about his situation on Facebook. I have never served in the Army or any other branch of the U. But I was taught to give great respect to members of the the U.

Armed Forces, whether it be as simple as permitting active service men and women preferred boarding when I fly in airports. I have taken a peek at Mr. Madden's facebook photos which show him in uniform, I believe that he is a Sergeantwith the America flag on his carnival casino cruise. He is clearly a patriot. I have posted one photo above. Carnival professes that it takes care of our military, but it has done this several times before.

I would hope that by the time that this article is published, the Carnival claims representative have woken up and will do the right thing by reimbursing this army soldier his cruise fare.

People may say that soldier Madden should have read the legal mumbo-jumbo in the fine print of the insurance policy more carefully. I say rubbish to that. Our servicemen and women deserve special treatment irrespective of the legal gobbledygook that the cruise giants and insurance companies place in front of their customers in order to to fatten their financial bottom lines.

Please join the discussion on our Facebook page. April 26, Update: Carnival sent the following carnival casino cruise today: Coast Guard was busy on Thursday and Friday with four medevacs of ill cruise ship passengers off of the coast of Florida, North Carolina and Puerto Rico.

The Coast Guard first provided an airlift on Thursday morning to a year-old passenger from the Celebrity Reflectionto a hospital in San Juan Puerto Rico.

The Celebrity cruise ship was about 35 miles north of Puerto Rico, en route from St. Kitts to Miami, when the crew requested Coast Guard assistance in transporting the man who was described as being in "medical distress" to a local hospital. On Friday, the Coast Guard reportedly medevaced a year-old woman from the Carnival Ecstasy which was   approximately miles east of Port Canaveral.

The crew of the Ecstasy contacted the Coast Guard at around The Coast Guard station in Clearwater dispatched a MH Jayhawk helicopter to the Carnival cruise ship.

The helicopter arrived at the Ecstas y aroung at 2: A video of the rescue is below at the middle. Also on Friday, the Coast Guard station in Miami deployed a MH Dolphin helicopter which hoisted a year-old passenger man from the Carnival Magic which was about miles southwest of Key West.

The man was experiencing chest pains and was flown to the Miami-based air station, where EMS personnel drove him to Jackson Memorial Hospital. A video of the medevac is at the bottom. A family member carnival casino cruise a carnival casino cruise on the Defense Video and Imagery Services DVIDS   webpage stating:. So thankful for your service. My son-in-law is going to be fine.

They put a stint carnival casino cruise and we should be able to bring him home to North Carolina soon. Our prayers were answered. May God bless each of you for your service and for getting him where he needed to be to get help. Our family is grateful for all you did. A third medevac also took place this web page Friday afternoon.

The Coast Guard medevaced a 60 year-old man from a cruise ship off the coast of North Carolina after the crew reported that he was experiencing kidney failure. The Carnival casino cruise Guard station in Elizabeth City launched an MH Jayhawk helicopter and a C Super Hercules aircraft which arrived at the Norwegian Breakawayaround miles southeast of Wilmington.

The helicopter crew hoisted the man to the helicopter and transported him to the New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington for treatment. There is no reported inforrmation regarding the status of this NCL passenger or the other passengers who were medevaed emergency medical treatment ashore from the Carnival Ecstasy or the  Celebrity Reflection. Bottom - Carnival Ecstasy - Petty Officer 1st Class Luke Clayton, U.

Coast Guard District 7 PADET Jacksonville via DVIDS.

Tropical Island Cruises for your Bahamas cruise 1 or 2 day cruises to Freeport Grand Bahama Island or Nassau.

The Carnival Players Club® is a unique  casino program that offers something for every level of player. From gaming lessons for beginners to establishing credit lines and betting limits for high rollers, this is a club for anyone who loves to play. The Carnival Players Club sends out various special offers and invitations — with a variety of benefits — based upon frequency of cruising and point levels.

Additional information can be found at carnivalplayersclub. How can I join the Carnival Players Club? Just insert your card into any slot machine. You will set up a Player Bank and a profile will be automatically created for you.

What is a Player Bank? Your Player Bank allows you to place your winnings in your own personal bank account once you have finished playing at the slot machines. You can access your funds to play slots online gaming research regular casino hours any time during the cruise. Will I get a Players Club card?

We do not issue specific Players Club cards. How do I earn comps? Comps are extended on board based on your level of play. Both slot and table players can receive comps, such as: All complimentary items are based on your casino play. A table player can be rated when playing at most table games. Please check with the Casino Host once on board for further details. Do I get complimentary drinks while playing? We do offer complimentary drinks to eligible players once they have reached a certain level of play:.

Please see the Casino Host on board for further details about our 'Drinks On Us! To confirm carnival casino cruise prior to sailing visit carnivalplayersclub. To confirm eligibility of your offer visit carnival. Do you accept cash in the casino? However, while you can carnival casino cruise cash into our machines, we run on a coin-less system.

You may also access those funds for continued gaming action at another slot machine in the casino. What types of games do carnival casino cruise have on board? It varies by ship, but we offer a variety of slots and table games on board in each carnival casino cruise. You will also find Blackjack, Roulette, Let It Ride, Caribbean Stud, Three Card Poker and Craps on most ships.

What are your table limits? It varies by table; please see a Casino Host once on board for details. What are your minimum bets on the tables? It varies by table; please see your Casino Host for details. How old do you have to be to gamble on board? Do you have live poker on board?

We offer live poker played on the automated PokerPro tables. In a PokerPro game, up to 10 players can compete against each other and enjoy the speed and accuracy of an automated dealer. To learn more about PokerPro and the wide variety of carnival casino cruise tournaments offered on board, see the Casino Host.

Do you offer any tournaments on board? We offer Slot, Blackjack and Poker tournaments on nearly all itineraries. Tournament schedules vary from ship to ship. To play in or learn more about any of our tournaments, just stop by the casino and ask for one of our friendly Casino Hosts. They will be happy to help make the most of carnival casino cruise casino experience during your cruise.

Yes, there is no charge at the casino concerts 2015 machines for using your onboard account card to carnival casino cruise funds.

Please consult the casino staff on board for further details. I left a balance in my Player Bank - how do I get it back? For further inquiries on outstanding balances, please visit carnivalplayersclub. Do you offer credit lines? If so, how can I establish one? To apply for a line of casino credit, we ask that you complete an application at least two weeks prior to your carnival casino cruise date.

If I win, do I have to pay taxes? There is normally no tax withheld on slot jackpots carnival casino cruise the winner can provide a valid Social Security Number.

These tax guidelines are for citizens and permanent residents of the United States only. This will be the only way to request this information — no telephone or email requests will be accepted.

I have further questions about the casino, who can I contact? For further inquiries please visit carnivalplayersclub. Skip to Main Content. United States United Kingdom Australia. Top Cruise Destinations Alaska Cruises Bahamas Cruises Bermuda Cruises Caribbean Cruises Cuba Cruises Europe Cruises Mexico Cruises. Never Miss a Cruise Deal Sign up for special offers direct to your inbox Subscribe Close Thank you for signing up!

Click here to learn more about our specials. FAQ Ask Your Question Here. Getting There Cruise Terminal Directions and Parking Carnival casino cruise Airport Transfers Air Information. Before You Board Embarkation Day Check-In Luggage. Youth and Family Youth Programs years old Teen Programs years old Carnival's Seuss at Sea Age Policies Things to Know Show More Onboard Slot machines real play money Shore - Excursions Spa and Fitness Outdoor Fun Entertainment and Activities For Your Convenience Onboard Guidelines and Policies Past Guest Recognition Programs Show More Onboard Celebrations The Fun Shops Special Occasions Wedding Cruises and Vow Renewals.

Dining and Beverages Dining and Snacking Options Dining Rooms Beverage Options Carnival casino cruise Bottomless Bubbles Liquor and Beverage Policy Show More Onboard Communication WI FI Service and Hub APP Calling Home Cell Carnival casino cruise. Shipboard Health and Safety Passenger Bill of Carnival casino cruise Safety Briefing - Muster Station Drill General Health Information Safety and Security Environmental Show More We do offer complimentary drinks to eligible players once they have reached a certain level carnival casino cruise play: Any guest who earns the required number of points during a single voyage departing from North America and Europe will be eligible to receive the 'Drinks Hautumschläge bet on cricket Neurodermitis Us!

The standard point level that must be reached carnival casino cruise qualify from slot play is 1, points on sailings less than 5 days and 1, points on sailings 5 days or longer. Table players will be awarded a 'Drinks On Us! Any guest who reached 5, or more points on their previous sailing will carnival casino cruise qualify for the 'Drinks On Us!

Was this answer helpful? Your rating has been submitted, please tell us how we can make this answer more useful. Answers others found helpful Casino carnival casino cruise Carnival Players Club® Click the following article Club - Carnival's Recognition Program Table Sizes Platinum Level VIFP Video Arcades.

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**BIG WINS!!!/COZUMEL!!** Carnival Glory Part 4 of 4

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The United States Coast Guard based in San Diego medevaced a 61 year old passenger from a Carnival cruise ship yesterday night after the passenger experienced trouble.
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