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$5000 casino chip $5000 casino chip

$5000 casino chip

User Name Remember Me? Sports Scores NFL Football College Football NBA Basketball $5000 casino chip Basketball NHL Hockey MLB Baseball Tennis Soccer. Show Threads   Show Posts. A few years ago, the entrance to the MGM Grand casino $5000 casino chip quite literally -- a lion’s mouth. Gamblers trekked right into the underbelly of a giant feline which, at least symbolically, $5000 casino chip and digested all who entered the passageway between her golden jaws.

On February 10, I walked into the MGM Grand in $5000 casino chip Vegas. I could not possibly have foreseen the lion’s mouth into which I was entering, nor the public controversy that was about to follow.

Once inside the colossal MGM, which justly bills itself “The City of Entertainment,” I went to the sportsbook. What follows is a verbatim recollection of the conversation which took place at approximately 2 pm that afternoon: What game did you get this chip from? I did not get the chip from a gaming table.

I’ve had it at my home for some time. Why did you $5000 casino chip it at your home? I do not come into the MGM very often.

It’s been sitting there about a month or so, but I want to cash it since I’m here today. Are you a player here? Yes, I have a “One Club Card. Looks up status and level of play on computer Mr. Dalla, I do not show that you have any recent table-game activity.

$5000 casino chip, I am an MGM click to see more. I play poker here, bet on sports, and play some video poker. I’ll be right back Cashier goes over to Cage Manager. A few source pass. Cage Manager approaches window. Sir, we have a problem. You $5000 casino chip you did not get this from a gaming table here at the MGM?

It’s been sitting at my home. I obtained the chip at the Bellagio Poker Room about a month ago from a friend. Why did he give $5000 casino chip to you? He owed me some money so I accepted the chip from him. Casino chips are frequently passed around in the high-limit section at the Bellagio Poker Room.

This is nothing unusual. You are not supposed to cash someone else’s chip. Who does the chip belong to? It belongs to me. Who did the chip belong to before you got it? It belonged to name of person. He lives in another state. Looks up name of player on computer I see that name of person has not been rated at the MGM in years.

I know nothing about his level of play. I do know he plays regularly and stays at the Bellagio. Isn’t the Bellagio an MGM-Mirage property? Yes, but that’s irrelevant. Is it irrelevant that I have never had a problem exchanging or $5000 casino chip chips at the Bellagio in the past? In fact, I’ve never had any problem cashing chips anywhere in Las Vegas before.

We have our own policy at the MGM. They should not allow exchanging chips over there either. Okay, so what does all this mean? It means I am not going to cash this chip. In fact, I am going to confiscate it. We do $5000 casino chip cash any chip unless we can verify their source. So, is your policy that you will not cash a one-dollar ship unless someone can prove where they obtained it?

Well, we only ask questions $5000 casino chip our large denomination chips. Let me be perfectly clear. I am an MGM customer. I produced a valid ID. I told you where I got the chip. In fact, I got it at another MGM property which $5000 casino chip never refused to cash chips of this size. I casino perfect money never heard $5000 casino chip a licensed Nevada casino refusing to pay a customer.

There is nothing I more info do unless you can prove that the chip is rightfully yours and that you got it from one of our gaming tables he gives a receipt which records that the chip was officially confiscated at the MGM. Imagine – going into a casino and having your chip snatched up by the cashier! When confronted with such an astonishing deed, one has different reactions.

After my emotional outrage subsided, a more practical response came over me which sought answers. In retrospect, there are many things I could have done differently. Initially, I might not have accepted the chip from my friend. Perhaps I should have gambled at the MGM for a few minutes and broken down the chip into smaller denominations.

It’s even been suggested by some who already know read more this story that I could have lied and told $5000 casino chip cashier that I gambled at the MGM and got the chip at a gaming $5000 casino chip. But I don’t like lies. $5000 casino chip especially despise the notion of telling them. After all, I’ve done nothing wrong here. I voluntarily took possession of a casino chip, which is a common practice inside Las Vegas poker rooms and sportsbooks.

High-stakes professional poker players and serious sports bettors are involved in a legitimate cash-based business. This includes backing, lending, $5000 casino chip other perfectly legal and customary transactions between players. Are casino chips exchanged in legitimate backing deals between poker players now to be subject to confiscation? These are serious questions with far-reaching potential implications for hundreds if not thousands of players. A bit of history is in order.

The practice of exchanging chips is not restricted to casinos. It is a year-old practice that dates back to the days when gamblers did not want to carry large amounts of cash on their person. Virtually every serious gambler in Las $5000 casino chip has carried around $5000 casino chip denomination chips, and sometimes, even exchanged them with fellow players.

Many casino poker games have included an odd chip or two in the pot from a stray casino. As recently as a few years ago, chips from the Mirage and Bellagio casinos were traded openly in high-limit poker games at Binion’s Horseshoe.

There was a time when casino chips were even used at local grocery stores to buy milk and bread. They were used in restaurants to pay for meals. Casino chips were casino lavo dropped into the collection plate at local churches. Casino chips have been Las Vegas’ unofficial “currency” since gambling was legalized in You can’t exchange a dollar bill for silver or gold bullion anymore, but $5000 casino chip honest gambler could always rely on getting paid in cash 808 bet365 and when he went to a Las Vegas casino $5000 casino chip a chip in his hand.

The era when the customer was king all but ended on February 10, $5000 casino chip For years, card-counters and so-called “advantage players” have been hassled by casinos $5000 casino chip were even sometimes refused payment on their winnings. $5000 casino chip attorney Bob Nersesian, who has represented many professional gamblers in lawsuits with casinos, wrote some very good advice in article source book “Beat the Players.

Unfortunately, I read Nersesian’s advice after the incident. Nonetheless, I followed his recommendation and immediately contacted the Nevada Gaming Board.

The NGB is a public institution entrusted with the important task of enforcing state gaming laws. In essence, the NGB is the only organization with the power to force a casino into paying off a customer. I hoped and trusted that the NGB would investigate the matter, and rule in my favor. Upon my arrival, a Gaming Enforcement Agent took me into a small room.

I was interviewed for approximately 20 minutes. It was explained to me there was nothing best deposit bonus slots NGB could, nor would do on my behalf Note: For a more detailed report of my interview with the NGB, please see the latest edition of The Intelligent Gambler.

When the Las Vegas Sun heard about my story and published an $5000 casino chip on March 9, “Chips no longer good as cash,” by reporter Liz BenstonI expected the MGM Grand to finally come to its senses.

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